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Private Practice - S3E21 Soundtrack


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Complete List of Songs

  • Breathing OutDoveman
    Violet takes the stand & is asked why she is only now seeking custody of Lucas; flashback of Violet interviewing for a job in New York; flashback of Addison asking Pete what he wants her to say in court; Addison states that she doesn't believe Violet is a fit mother.
  • I'm Gonna Make ItSanders Bohlke
    Sanders Bohlke
    Flashback of Ellen convincing Violet that she did everything she could to protect Lucas; Violet testifies that she's ready to be a mother to Lucas.
  • Hunting My DressJesca Hoop
    Jesca Hoop
    Pete is granted full custody of Lucas, with Violet allowed supervised visits; Sam advises Naomi on how she can get more involved with Maya & her baby; Violet thanks Addison for helping Pete have her a little less; Cooper tells Charlotte she's important to him; Pete & Lucas show up on Addison's doorstep.


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