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Private Practice Soundtrack

6 Seasons

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Complete List of Songs

  • Brand New Shoes
    She and Him
    Violet tells Naomi that she wrote a book; Addison & Amelia observe Bizzy holding Susan's hand; Addison tells Susan there's nothing she can do for her cancer.
    Tom Andrew
  • Pennies In The Snow
    Farryl Purkiss
    Naomi tells Addison to stand up to Bizzy; Pete asks Violet if she's okay with the world knowing details of her life; Charlotte cries when she & Cooper start to get intimate.
    Tom Andrew
  • I'm In Here (Piano / Vocal Version)
    Addison operates on Susan; Pete tries to convince Cory's wife to let them operate; Cory's mistress announces she's pregnant.
    Tom Andrew
  • 31 Flavors
    Little Jackie
    Violet tells Pete she wants to publish her book; Cooper grabs a leftover box of KFC chicken after his make out session with Charlotte becomes awkward; Bizzy announces to Addison that she's marrying Susan.
    Tom Andrew


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