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Episode 17

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Season 4

Episode 17 • A Step Too Far

I'm Your Life - Chrisette Michele

I'm Your Life

Chrisette Michele

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Amelia comments on Addison's choice of drink; the group makes a toast to Violet; Pete tells Violet to ignore the negative review; Marla Thompkins introduces herself to Sheldon.

Everything She Wants - Wham!

Everything She Wants


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Pete & Violet read reviews of her book; Sam finds Addison getting sick in the bathroom.

Second Wind - Trent Dabbs

Second Wind

Trent Dabbs

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Addison performs a C Section on Claudine; Tyler fails to arrive for his exam; Sheldon & Marla talk over lunch; Addison & Pete tell Claudine that she can't have more children; Cooper tries to convince Tyler's coach to stop the match.

Miss Previously Loved

Gareth Dunlop

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Pete informs Lorraine that Claudine & Elliot what to keep the baby; Cooper tells Sheldon he can't date Marla if he wants to be a friend to Violet; Addison takes the baby to Claudine, then talks to her about Lorraine.

Always Remember Me

Ry Cuming ft Sara Bareilles

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Tyler's parents sit at his bedside; Amelia waits for Addison to take the pregnancy test; Charlotte tells Cooper that he's a great doctor; Sheldon shows up at Marla's door; Violet confesses to Pete that she does want people to like her; Addison tells Sam she's not pregnant, then asks if he's committed to having a child with her.


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