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Private Practice - S5E1 Soundtrack

God Laughs

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Complete List of Songs

  • I Don't Really CareMiss Eighty 6 ft Rae
    Miss Eighty 6 ft Rae
    Sam gets a call from the hospital while he's in bed with Addison; a drunk Amelia dances on a bar.
  • Space and TimeAlex Cornish
    Alex Cornish
    Violet & Joanna discuss the problems they are having with their husbands; Cooper knocks on Pete's door and hears Lucas crying.
  • RelyAlex Cornish
    Alex Cornish
    Addison reassures Lucas that everything will be okay; Violet tells Joanna not to get on the plane, then gets an emergency phone call from Cooper; Addison asks Sheldon if Lucas can understand what's going on with Pete
  • Always A WayAlex Cornish
    Alex Cornish
    Addison talks to her therapist about the moment she sees her patients become mothers; flashback to Addison discovering her fertility specialist is the guy she met at the airport.


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