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The fresh music from season one of the Search Party soundtrack

After having just watched the entire season of Search Party, I can honestly say the thing that stood out most was the music. And that doesn’t speak ill of the show itself, which was one of the most original, compelling and funny series I’ve seen this year. It has seamlessly blended together elements of comedy and drama, wrapping them around an extremely new-age and interesting mystery. Before I go into the soundtrack and some of the great songs the show has introduced us to, it would be criminal to not go ahead and strongly recommend you watch the show. It’s almost impossible not to binge watch from start to finish on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Here’s the full list of music from the Search Party soundtrack.

Episode 1 – “Obedear” by Purity Ring

When looking at the show’s soundtrack it’s hard not to select the theme song as one of the standouts. Purity Ring’s Obedear immediately sets the ominous and strange feel of the episode and I’d be willing to bet most of you watching were quick to pull out Shazam during the pilot. You know, right after Dory finds the poster of her missing friend, before being told she is standing in dog sh*t.

Episode 2 – “Nightdriving” by Brolin

Brolin are a relatively lesser-known band however you might ask yourself why with the soothing vocals and electronic ambience of this track. You can hear this song at the end of episode two and perfectly suits the intriguing final scene when Dory discovers a clue in Chantal’s copy of Anna Karenina. 

Episode 3 – “And Sooner Than We Know It” by Morly

You might have missed this song as it was a little hard to catch as Dory finally works up the courage to confront Chantal’s parents at the candlelight vigil. It’s a little slow to start however it builds towards the end with some impressive electronic swells. You may have also missed it because you were in shock, trying to overcome the cringe-worthy, acapella version of Kelly Clarkson’s Since You’ve Been Gone. I know I was.

Episode 4 – “Down from the Rafters” by Hundred Waters

Probably one of the fan favorites from the series, and seems to be up there with one of the most played on our site. Hundred Waters are a three-member band out of Florida and have been causing a stir in the indie rock and electronic scene, where critics and fans are loving a lot of the music they’re putting out. Listen out for the track at the end of the episode when they finally force Gavin into the cab.

Episode 5 – “Gold Chain” by Black Coast (feat. Remmi)

This one was easy to choose because it was the only song from the episode. That said, the track easily stands on it’s own and brings an energetic, electronic pop feel. Black Coast are also quite an unknown band out of New York however they have some impressively trending songs on Soundcloud, and will surely continue to bring us an amazing diverse range of electronic music in the future.

Episode 6 – “Laura” by Max Manie

Max Manie features a few times throughout the season and we’re loving each of their tracks. This is a remixed version of the track from the episode however you can get a good feel for the electronic, deep-house music they deliver.

Episode 7 – “The Call” by Kaleida

Kaleida has previously seen a fair bit of traction on our site after John Wick was released. Their track Think was one of the most played and requested tracks on the entire site. The Call is in the same style and features similar hauntingly beautiful vocals complimented with a minimal, addictive electronic beat. Keep an ear out for it in the awkward scene, when Dory arrives home after sleeping with Keith (oh no!).

Episode 8 – “Black” by The Soft Moon

This ones a little strange but I can’t seem to get the intrusive nature of the track out of my head. If I heard it on it’s own I wouldn’t think much of it, but it’s used so effectively, in such an uneasy final scene that I find myself continually coming back and listening to it. Give it a go and see what you think.

Episode 9 – “Falling” by Opia

A downbeat, electronic song with soothing lyrics from Australian newcomers, Opia. You’ll hear it when Chuck storms into the apartment and immediately takes his pants off, before realizing it’s a setup. Poor Chuck 🙁

Episode 10 – “Underwater” by Vud

The perfect and fitting song to end the series after the ending so effectively unsurprising, it actually surprised us. But hey, no spoilers, just watch it for yourself.


And that’s it! The entire Search Party soundtrack contains over 35 songs so head to our website to take a look. There’s some fantastic additions that we left off of this list.

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