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North American Scum - LCD Soundsystem

North American Scum

LCD Soundsystem

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Step Brothers - poster

Step Brothers



The Dropout -  poster

The Dropout • s1e1




Oh oh oh Oh ho ho ho Oh I don't know I don't know Oh, where to begin We are North Americans And for those of you who still think we're from England We're not, no We build our planes and our trains 'til we think we might die Far from North America Where the buildings are old and you might have lots of mimes Uh-huh Oh, oh I hate the feelin' when you're looking at me that way 'Cause we're North Americans But if we act all shy, it'll make it ok Makes it go away Oh I don't know, I don't know Oh, where to begin When we're North American But in the end we make the same mistakes all over again Come on North Americans We are North American scum We're from North America And all the kids All the kids that want to make the scene Here in North America When our young kids get to read it in your magazines We don't have those So where's the love, where's the love Where's the love, where's the love Where's the love tonight? But there's no love, man There's no love And the kids are uptight So throw a party 'til the cops come in and bust it up Let's go North Americans Oh you were planning it? I didn't mean to interrupt Sorry I did it once and my parents got pretty upset Freaked out in North America But then I said the more I do it, the better it gets Let's rock North America! We are North American scum We're from North America We are North American scum We are North American New York's the greatest if you get someone to pay the rent Wahoo, North America! And it's the furthest you can live from the government un huh, huh Some proud American Christians might disagree Here in North America But New York's the only place we're keepin' them off the streets Boo hoo Now we can't have parties Like in Spain where they go all night Shut down in North America Or like Berlin where they go another night, alright Un huh, un huh You see I love this place that I have grown to know Alright, North America And yeah I know you wouldn't touch us with a ten-foot pole 'Cause we're North Americans We are North American scum We are North Americans We are North American scum We love North America Take me back to the States, man North American scum Where we can be North American Where the DJ gigs all his friends Here in North American scum But don't blame the Canadians Let's go North America!

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