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Lie 2 My Face - Kari Faux

Lie 2 My Face

Kari Faux

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Tryna chop my cherry tree, I'm your favorite honey bee Least that's what you said to me, I was blind, but now I see You're so stupid, but I'm foolish, use me up until I'm useless Sell me dreams until I'm lucid, make excuses, fucking dufus Play me like a game-boy, tryna get the high score You don't take me serious, I know you think I'm just a toy Not broken but I'm fragile, you stepped on my sand castle You'll have to tell me more cause I just love the way you babble (blah, blah, blah) You know I love the way you lie to my face Lie to me, lie to me, don't want honesty, obviously Was just novelty oddity, so I'm over it possibly Please pull my strings get me going, going, going, going My hate for you is only growing, growing, growing, growing Motives hide behind your eyes, so fluent when you speak your lies (Blah, blah, blah) (Shut Up) You say I'm different But I could be just a victim of your bullshit charming lines If so, then that's a great disguise Grab my ax, I'm gonna chop you right down to your fucking size You know I love the way you lie to my face

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