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Cool, Daddy Cool

Kid Rock

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Osmosis Jones - poster

Osmosis Jones




Cool, Daddy Cool (From the motion picture "Osmosis Jones" See me cruisin' in my caddy Ho's they like to call me "Daddy Cool" When I'm stylin' Just rollin on the island Now just in case I pack heat Keep a case of brew in my back seat Got a pocket full of cash hey Got a fatty in my ashtray I'm Cool (Daddy Cool) Call Me Cool (Daddy Cool) I'm Cool (Daddy Cool) Call Me Cool (Daddy Cool) Mackin' to this phat beat Bass pushin' through my back seat You know I got that gangsta lean Ho's they all adore me I stop and they all swarm me To check out all my fly gold rings The treat my like the mayor Cause I'm the biggest player (Joe C) Mackin' all honeys up here in the "D" baby (Kid Rock) You know I do Grubbin' on some pork rinds Kickin' out them sex rhymes Everybody wants to be my friend But I can't be your friend no Unless you got some endo to smoke (Joe C.) I ain't no joke Call Me Cool (Daddy Cool) I'm Cool (Daddy Cool) Call Me Cool (Daddy Cool) I'm Cool (yeah, yeah, yeah) (Bad Ass) (Daddy Cool) (Bad Ass) (Daddy Cool) (Bad Ass) (Daddy Cool) (Bad Ass) I like the way you profile Them posey's they got style Daddy can I roll with you? Here's some money for your gas tank A forty and fat-tay Daddy, so I'm down with you Now some people say my mind's blown I'm coolin' like a snow cone On my cell phone I'm paid, G Can't call me Just page me Young ladies, young ladies I like 'em underage see Some say that's statutory (Joe C.) But I say it's MANDATORY! My story ain't that complex Two forties and a Rolex I rip, I rock, I roll G I trim my hair with the Flowbee Got soul G Like Al Green Co-coolin' like the A-Team From Maine to San Francisco I'm shootin like a pistol I'm so slick, I'm Crisco Daddy likes to disco Call Me Cool (Daddy Cool) I'm Cool (Daddy Cool) Call Me Cool (Daddy Cool) I'm Cool (oooohh, yeah, yeah, yeah) (Bad Ass) (Daddy Cool) (Bad Ass) (Daddy Co-hoo-hoo-ool) (Bad Ass) (Daddy Cool) (Bad Ass) (Daddy, Daddy Cool, yeah)

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