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Slave the Hive

High On Fire

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Heard in the following movies & TV shows

Fear the Walking Dead • s3e5




Reading your thoughts, Just a bird in a cage, Just a rat in a maze Spiritual death, just a satanic catch, just a new god of lent Dimensional screen, just a gospel to squeeze, just attention to seize Plagerant muse, just a part for the fool, just a global epidemic Flock of bats, unearthly addicts Slave the hive, the clever bastards Reading the lines just to pay your daily tides, just to bleed the vacant line Web tainted minds, the majestic tribal sign, just inflicting mental crimes Drawn to your grid, just a small reckless sin, just a life changing crypt Gambit aflame, just to keep the cattle lame, your lobotomy is here Flock of bats, unearthly addicts Slave the hive, the clever bastards They got us wired to the reptile brain, your life is not the same, this world is insane Played by the man, just a torturous hand, executing his plans Taunt you and tease, at the end of the chain, just accepting the game Ever think twice in your evil device, how the programs concise Digital tweak, the religion to seek, just a stab from the creeps

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