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La Schmoove - FU-Schnickens

La Schmoove


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La Schmoove, yo we don't got nuttin to prove [x4] Yo, when I was small they used to tease me Because my hair was peasy, hard and greasy But now I'm livin well like George and Wheezy So easy (WHAT?) does it (YO!) Is it, because I'm, rockin -- beats, beats, beats Fu-Manchu'n cause I'm doin what just had to be done Now we in there like swim wear, girls callin' me hon Give me hugs, little peck, mucho tongue, lots of sex Nuff respects to my bros that live on five-six street RIGHT I'm smashin monster mashin boom bashin in a fashion Which is wild now I smile when I whip-lash MC's with my style Call me Cuckoo, I'm makin beaucoup bucks I'm geared and fully prepared to tear all MC's that are, schmuks For bros who sleep and cavity creep and listen when I talk As I soothe in the groove, cause I'm smooth like Mr. Rourke Doobely-zoo Mr. Wu, no need to be rude, but F.U. Cause I ain't got nuttin to prove La Schmoove, yo we don't got nuttin to prove [x4] 'Leave it to Beaver'-arriva, derci Heavens to mercy ba FU sayanora Adios muchachos dorme vous unbuckle my Fu-Schnick shoe Mr., Chip Fu, about to wreck shop With the Judo (CHOP!) a Judo (CHOP!) a Judo chop CHOP! Yo, zilch kaput me nada none son I don't think so, so take a look at A Superfly big Jimmy the Honeynut Cheerio Bee Ba schnicker bah snchnucker I ams what I ams that's all what I ams My lyrics are never done I'm the big John Elmer Glue the Elmer the Fudd Al Bundy the Bud Light stud Come like tongues lashes, with the quickness Moc and Poc is, my witness Ask the Kung about my tongue and the styles that I brung instead I'm the Ali Babi cutty rankin shuba-dib-da-dabble Jaw Boy Wonder Bread dread, BUM BA READ These lyrics ah-come out of mi head, BUM BA READ Mr. Chip Fu's gon stay' di-di, da-di-di, dra-dread You said I couldn't rap, but I really wrecked shop And I don't stop drop, I get props I pick up the mic drop a style and pattern and fashion And all MC's jaws drops down My accent, you're mockin, my clothes, you're clockin Rippin MC's to smithereens to their Ribbidy-diddiby-Pippi Long-Stockings So don't step to Chip, I'm on the La Schmoove tip You'll say "Drats I really failed again plus he sank my Babble-ship" So ooh, shit G, wa-wa or biscuit? Rip it and be specific doin it terrific when I kicks it Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang, Pepe Le Pew, Pepe Le Pew La Schmoove, yo I ain't got NUTTIN to prove! La Schmoove, yo we don't got nuttin to prove ([x4] Now here I go, once again, with the ill flow Other MC's that rap, their style is so-so Phife Dawg was never the type that ever lacked skills I just stay true to my roots and then I get ill Twenty years of age, but yet I still see knowledge And this year, was so-called, my Senior year in collega But I chose to pursue, in a field called music And with some hype beats and breaks you know I won't refuse it Get on the board lay down the track and I'll do ten laps Pass the pen, pass the pad, and I'll kick nuff RAPS Just come inside your jam and witness who is boss And it won't be Tony Danza nor Diana Ross As small as I am, I still can pack jams Do a freestyle, and step, but yet I still slam Not tryin to say that no one can get with me Not only is it the lyrics I write, it's my delivery Name one rapper that you know who has this high-strung voice My name's Malik and I'm unique, in other words top choice Nothin commercial bout this, it's mainly hardcore Now that you got what you want, do you want more? (UHH!) Because I got more in store! La Schmoove, yo we don't got nuttin to prove [x4] MC, the Shining One, a.k.a. The Golden Child I have a grin at times, but then throw up a fake smile Vaseline Intensive Care, don't fear mon frere 'Cept I say, everybody that rappin, G pull his hair Back in the groove, it's no way you can handle this Shit so fly, that you can call it scandalous Cause I manifest in, words that I'm preachin Unleashin, you now seek the sounds that I'm teachin I hear NOT see NOT, knots to makes butts ROCK I rides rhythm to the beginnin, then won't stop The Chinese Son of Sam, the Skipper's Peter Pan The rootinest tootinest cowboy in the East Releasin, a new type of lyrical lingo Single, "The Alarm", the girls cooties I will tingle No expiration date, so you know I won't EXPIRE No skippin a weekly check, so I don't have to RETIRE Write, the capital, M.O. Chip Fu with the Kung-Fu givin shouts on my show Irregular styles is here too Tripped, boo-boo, you first made a mistake Not Alexander but considered to be Great Great, but, like the Grape Ape Fake, the moves, and your ankles I will break Break, or broken, the M.O., has spoken Movements on the slick, takin the train you need a token I guess not, cause you pause for the cause You either bitin your nails, or start pickin straws Holy Mick I'm livin large just like trunk jewels Nuff respects to many minds, Ah-OWWWWWWWWWWWEE! La Schmoove, yo we don't got nuttin to prove [x8]

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