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I Don't Know

Slum Village

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Ballers -  poster

Ballers • s3e6




I don't know why the fuck I'm fucking with you You, you, (you) Could ask my man, T(3) I ain't the, (one) To be, played like them niggas that you use to play for money and No time for acting, (funky), with me You best believe that you won't, (do it) I'm influenced to like uh, (you know) And then I pick up the phone, shit, (I don't know) She walks by casual says my loot is usual Baatin says it's him (too) To all my ladies in the place I mean your whole crew is light (yeah) You know the S is my crew we rule, (what man you know) We got a whole flock of niggass with 'Locks (you know) But I don't know why I'm fucking with you I don't know why the fuck I'm fucking with you It's like, you know you scandalous as hell Yeah I can tell, from your nails to the Chanel Say (what)ever you doin you doin it well You jockin my man R.L. (too) Wait see you, shouldn't do the things you do But you constantly do (your bad self) Also you, love to, (eh, eh) See I'mma get with you so we can (uh) And if you don't know, your shit is crucial To all my people in the place if you need to know I (Rock with your bad) enough to say (watch me) Do my shit on the dance floor And if you need to call me (you know) My number is (3 2 1) 1 7 88 Yo, yo, why I'm fucking wit you I don't know why the fuck I'm fucking with you

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# Hip-Hop

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