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The Bomber: Closet Queen / Bolero / Cast Your Fate to the Wind

James Gang

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When I became of age my mama sat me down Said, "Son, you're growin' up, it's time you look around" So I began to notice some things I hadn't seen before That's what brought me here knockin' on your back door Oh, yeah A closet queen, the bus stop's dream, she wants to shake my hand I don't want to be there, she decides she can It's Apple Dan, he's just the man to pick fruit off your branches I can't sleep, and we can't keep this cattle on my ranches Oh, yeah It's too strong, somethings wrong and I guess I lost the feelin' I don't mind the games you play but I don't like your dealin' The cards looked bad, the luck's been had and there's nothing left to smoke We'll all be back tomorrow for the punchline of the joke Oh, Oh... Oh, Oh...

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