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Over Everything

Courtney Barnett

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Nashville • s6e6




When I'm all alone on my own by my lonesome And there ain't a single 'nother soul around I wanna dig into my guitar, bend a blues riff that hangs Over everything When I'm by myself and it's daytime 'cause down-under Or wherever it is I live when it's evening You know I speed-read the morning news And come up with my own little song also too When I step outside to a beautiful morning Where the trees are all waggin', my hair-flag waving The scenery ragin', my life cascading, and the smog hangs Over everything When I'm outside in a real good mood You could almost forget bout all the other things Like a big old ominous cloud in my periphery Hey, hey, ah Oh Yeah Don't wanna talk about it Simultaneous I shout it, yeah When I was young I liked to hear music blarin' And I wasn't carin' to neuter my jams with earplugs But these days I inhabitate a high-pitched ring over things So these days I plug 'em up When I'm strugglin' with my songs I do the same thing too And then I crunch 'em up in headphones, 'cause why wouldn't you? You could say I hear you on several levels at high decibels Over everything When I'm all alone on my own by myself And there and another single one around I wanna dig into my guitar, bend a blues riff that hangs Over everything Don't wanna talk about it Hey, man, yeah, man, yeah They don't wanna talk about it, they over everything They don't wanna They don't wanna talk, hey They don't wanna talk Ain't nobody don't wanna talk about, yeah

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