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Magnetic Road


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The Royals -  poster

The Royals • s4e5




Magnetic road I'm an insect hypnotized by your glowing I drive fast, speechless denuded I'm facing this magnetic solitude Oh, I'm getting bigger as the sun goes down My shadow stretches slowly on the ground Equal the eagle, the river, the child Soon each of our shadows will unite as one In concrete is the world that I am running from Daylight is gone, I'm coming home Magnetic road Give me shelter to my dreams Please give me back my self-esteem Led astray by the moon I'm riding on the edge of salvation Oh, the air is thicker as the sun goes down I'm watching the shadows growing on the ground Equal the eagle, the river, the child Soon each of their souls will echo in mine Equal in the silence, revealing that throne Daylight is gone, I'm going home I'm going home

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