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Bye Bye

Criminal Hygiene

2 credit

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Shameless -  poster

Shameless • s7e7




You sold me out To let me in Broke my heart And put it back again And lately, though, It seems to me I think of you less easily And if I try To change your mind Bye bye Bye bye Bye bye Forget what you said I don't need a pen I wrote it on Monday Forget what you said Was it something unkind As it slips my mind? Broken hearts and clashing souls Bloodshot eyes with no (something) And in your arms I'd rather be In the cold, with no (something) And if I try to change your mind Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Forget what you said Well I don't need a pen I wrote it on Monday ... etc.

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Sold In the City - undefined

Sold In the City

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2 credits

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