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The Long Road of Despair

Michael Mazochi

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Heard in the following movies & TV shows

New Girl • s3e19




Oh I ride this crooked highway in hopes to meet you there And I write these silly love songs in hopes that you'll hear I don't know where Im goin But I hope when I get there That Ill find you my darling and you've let down your yellow hair But till then Ill be riding on the long road of despair Well im writing you a letter but this time is not the same Cos im bringing it myself on a high flying airplane So may god hold some mercy For the fool on his knees Cos Im praying you'll remember at the end of your days Just the way that I held you on the long road of despair So Im going back to new york or as far as I can stand And im giving all my loving to a girl I once met I don't know when I get there If it can be the same But im hoping that my lover somehow still remains And Ill kiss her like I did on the long road of despair

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