O' Be Joyful

Shovels & Rope

2 credits

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O' be joyful, is that what ya brewin' Does your daddy know that's what ya doin'? His little girl's got her reputation out to ruin She was givin' them the country wave Machete in a tree stump, hound dog on a chain Wooden legged woman playin' the banjo in the rain Can't recall the tune, but the song's always the same "Jesus, give me strength" Babe, it's alright I'm gonna wrap you up tonight Carry you out right on time She got Comanche, she got Iroquois She got a young man that she plays with like a toy He don't mind when she call him little boy That's a thing that he enjoy She wants to get it all back, well it's a little too late You want to start all over, want a shiny clean slate She'll skin 'em like snake and hang 'em up over the gate You don't believe it, just you wait Babe, it's alright I'm gonna wrap you up tonight Carry you out right on time Hey, alright Ain't it good to be alive Ain't it nice to be fightin' on the winning side Yeah

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