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Nonkilling 13 • Ceiling for the Sky

How to Dress Well

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Ahahaha Tae ot ekil I taht dnik eht Niks taerg evah ouy Ahahahahahah EsiwynneP hitw RMSA Light was waiting in the sky, disguised The void dictated and described our cries The night pulsating with delight, alive Hieroglyphs of past desires, the sky You're falling over words, you wanna know the deal Where everything was meant to be fair You've done all the research, you ought to know what's real Why everything's so carefully felt Been reading to the earth from the book I got my name 'Cause wounds were only meant to be fed The images are blurred and sight is always late When you're looking out, it's all yesterday No, there's no goal, there's no God Just take this off of me There's no word, there's no world Void this memory Wake me up, make me more Than a character in dream Break my skull, rip it off The moment that I wake "Listen to the sleeping dogs, " the animals say "Please just go away" Say let it rot, let it rot Nothing left to desecrate Total loss, total loss Complete obscenity No there's no goal, there's no God Take this off of me

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