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Jay Sean

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Glass Jaw - poster

Glass Jaw




What is this poison that's crawlin' under my veins Teasin' and feedin' me tales, numbin' my brain It's pullin' me back to it Am I that bastard that everyone's laughin' at? When they see me trapped in your grasp There ain't nothing that no one else can do It's like a sea and you're mean anytime I'm with you But you're gonna tear my heart apart You, you're gonna help me lie Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh Aaa (Sweet) (Sweet) You should've warned me baby Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh Aaa Sweet Jameson Love me in evening And hurt me in the morning And leave me without warning Oh sweet Jameson Ohhh sweet, (sweet) (sweet) Ohhh sweet, ohhh sweet, ohhh sweet You was always my baby You would come first When I needed saving Jaime, you were my world I would drown in your love Till it all becomes a blur And I'd leave all my dignity there Oh what a sight to see I can't stand, but I won't fall Just say I'm your only, just say it once more Just don't break my heart apart But you you're gonna help lie Every night it's the same old routine Spray your favorite cologne You say you like it on me That's when I head to the spot Take out a couple of G's And now I feel like the man They got they eyes on me Don't even need to request They already know what my question is I must say I'm impressed the way you already undressed for me Take a taste of you slowly when I hold you next to me When you touch my lips it's like you take all the stress from me Feel the warmth in my chest I love it, let it all burn through It's like you know me best and you're the one that I turn to When my head starts spinning it's when I come to my senses Like who the fuck am I kidding Every man in this building's sayin' Oh, sweet Jameson Oh sweet what, (sweet) (sweet) Ohhh sweet, Jameson Ohhh sweet, ohhh aaah

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