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The Perils - Old Man Saxon

The Perils

Old Man Saxon

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Someone Great - poster

Someone Great




6 AM wake up all alone Like what can ya boy say? Shit shower shave's taking the whole day Thinking with no pay Like fucking with no size Like cutting with no knife And trusting you ho right, like why? Interviews asking me where my stripper pole But I can't drop the ball so I spit give and go If I give them that real shit I'm concealing Broke, no dough and chilling They laughing me out the building Can I use your restroom? What no, what type of noise is that? Most of these fools ain't loyal cats They smoke until the foil's black Sorry, trees started confessing Departed with Wesson's And restarted the lesson We started from less than duh No excuse though Just wanted a roof over my head Two hoes, skin black as Manute Bol Make cash for my crude flow That house on the hill? Who know... Just want to go Home Can't wait to go Home Just want to go Home Can't wait to go Home All alone Choked up while I'm writing this Didn't think my life would get So fucking trifle and Living like Mice & Men Hoping this shit gets right again Looking like I crawled out of a chimney Balls in my vicinity Hoping they remember me But stuck in anonymity Mind blown like Kennedy When I start kicking these written things Now give me cheese Can I get my cash today? If not, tomorrow's fine As long as I ain't broke And getting dough Then that's the bottom line You niggas don't give a shit Constipation and constant hating Got me looking up at the constellations Steady corroborating Fallacies about where I'm staying (You know... Somewhere in Silverlake) But really in the back On the passenger's side Posting and laughing like Look where im at tonight Just want to go Home Can't wait to go Home Just want to go Home Can't wait to go Home All alone

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On Point - undefined

On Point

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