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There It Is - Shawn James

There It Is

Shawn James

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Siren -  poster

Siren • s2e10




How can we love with no love around How do we hate when hate abounds Don't you tell me to calm down How can you fall back and not make a sound There it is I've been searching my whole life For an existence that just felt right Now that I'm older I've finally found Happiness is real when you let your guard down There it is You can build a wall but we'll tear it down You can spread your hate but our love abounds There it is I don't know what you're going through and I don't know where you've been I know that you are meant for so much, so much more than this You can do your worst but we'll rise to our best If you hold us down we will never rest All the pain that you cause, you will reap what you sow There's no turning back We won't let it go There it is

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