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Here for You - Dishwalla

Here for You


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Empty room A cold winters day No promise or lies, could convince you to stay All the years, have they turned you to stone? I'm standing here But you'd rather go it alone Maybe finally you'll let go Of all of the things You've been holding on to And I'm still, here With all of the things that I wish that you knew When you fight for forgiveness And burn for the truth You wake up to find that the world is a lie You tear yourself open 'Til there's nothing left to give You pick yourself back up again But there is no sound As your world spins 'round I will still be here for you Different story On a different day Black into blue Is the most you could say Here we are again watching it break Pick up the pieces How many times can you pull back From the abyss we are falling into? And I'm still, here But I feel the cold wind It's starting to blow... When the clouds finally open The river pours down The weight that you carry Is too much to fly You're flaming out slowly As you fall from the sky You're calling for somewhere to land But there is no sound As you hit the ground I will still be here for, you Forty-two years Is enough of a ride Get me off this train Can't really say When ill be back again When the world calms down We will still be here together Forever and ever Alive... Why can't you take back All that you made And all of the love in the world But there is no sound As we all fall down I will still be here for you I will still be here for you

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