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I don't got no money And I don't got nobody And I ain't got no place to live no more 'Cause she took everything Welcome to my life Welcome to my life My friends tried to tell me But now I'm so so sorry And I blame all those things that are wrong with my life On a conspiracy Welcome to my life I said I wanna welcome you into my life I wanna come back home It's so sad to be alone Can I come back home? Oh, I wanna come back home It's so sad to be alone I won't do it again, and again and again Oooh, come on Do it tomorrow I'ma pay up I'ma do it tomorrow, yeah Well, tomo-mo-mo-mo-mo-mo-mo-morrow Take a piece of my life Oh, welcome to my life Please do not come, please And then, don't let them, let them change your mind

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