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Ratchett - Queen Key


Queen Key

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Dare Me -  poster

Dare Me • s1e1




I'm the type of bitch get a bag act like nothin ever happened Got these bitches mad I don't feel the need to frat Bitch I'm Queen Key so you know this shit a classic (yea) Ima make these hoes get ratchet Throw it in a bag nigga throw it in a basket Take that hoe to class while I take lil cuz to practice Got head from a nerd I knock off that nigga glasses In my own lane bitch I move around the fastest I'm gettin blasted in the Calabasas I'm a bad bitch shout out to the bastards Ima get that shit and flip that shit like its gymnastics That hoe think I'm mad bitch you slow I'm somewhere cashin (ay) Make these hoes get ratchet (ay) Makin hoes get ratchet (ay) Bout to make these hoes get ratchet Makin hoes get ratchet I got cash I don't flash if you ask I don't have it Nigga tragic These bitches don't got no finesse in they bones I been the best in my zone I should invest in a throne I should invest in a home for my grandma and ? homes Queen Key for president These other bitches irrelevant I dress in up like a mannequin not even lyin but yo bitch a pelican Bird what's the word A lot of these niggas absurd I never been somethin that you could just do bitch I'm not a verb fuck what you heard Make these hoes get ratchet (x2) Makin hoes get ratchet I'm bout to make these hoes get ratchet

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