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I can't do it, I can't do it Was about to linger on you But I blew right through it Dodged a billion bullets babe Thank my lucky stars all the ways I was saved (No no no, no no) 'Cause you're basically basic Like an old pair of shoes Leaving hairs in my sink Drinking way too much booze I can't do it Gave away everything Every single thing that you ever gave (Ever gave) Shook off every spell Every spell that you ever dare cast (Ever cast) Thought that I could evolve you I thought I could solve you Eventually just had to give you, a-give you away So this is it This is the last of it, baby I'm gone (Baby, I'm gone) Used to come crawling back If you think I'll do that now baby you're wrong (Baby, you're wrong) Truly I bless you but babe I won't miss you remember Just who you betrayed the last time that you kissed me I'm gone

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Already There - Anna Elizabeth Laube

Already There

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