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Go! Go! Go! (Down the Line) - Roy Orbison

Go! Go! Go! (Down the Line)

Roy Orbison

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Briarpatch -  poster

Briarpatch • s1e3




Check it out, check it out I got my whole crew in the house And we gon' turn this house into a home Straight up and down I got my man Melo T in the house I got my man Preacher Earl in the house I got my man Asu in the house I got my man Gang Starr in the house And to my brother Smooth B is in the house And I'm Greg N-i-c-e, I'm in the house So peep it I got a shitload of story tales in my sack Please come in, hang your coat on the rag While you at it, make my coffee black So I can get the monkey from off my back 15 cents minus 5 is a dime Sexy young ladies, let's intertwine Greg N-i-c-e ran it down the line-line I'm the P-r-e-a-c-h-e-r, uh Preacher Earl and I'm considered a superstar Pick up the microphone and I proceed to rock 'n roll By the time I sweat I'm out of control I'm like a locomotive goin express My lyrics written in spraypaint on the wall (ssss...) def I'm from Uptown, I'm a gangster from the projects Either or, take it all, get much respect Destined for fame when I'm goin for mine This, this is how I run it down the line Hey yo, beats, styles, mics I be flashin If you step up step in a orderly fashion See, I collect the dough for the show and then I'm dashin House parties I'm crashin, pool parties I'm splashin Eatin candy yams, drinkin Baby Sham, breakin down (?) Got the masterplan, glance at the Melo stance Arms are crisscrossed, posture rasta When I wanna go to the mall, I need a helicopter Rrrrring - I think that's my time Yo, (this is how we run it down the line) The biggeda-Bass Blaster with a tongue-twistin rhyme (This is how we run it down the line) Yo, literally, literary literature Six slippery Seals slippin silently ashore Sally sold seashells down by the seashore Sold two shells but couldn't see to sell no more Beautiful babblin brooks bubba between blossom and banks Brothers above the Brooks take a punch off the plank A big black bug bit a big black bear, bit him on the rear The bear was big but the bug didn't care, he had no fear How much would could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Yo, I don't know, all I know is I say it good Asu, you got the funky, funky rhymes Yo my brother, run it down the line Yo, rhymes is rippin and the mic is passed to me It was too young so they got me for statuatory Don't take me for granted, punk, yeah, and think I'm worthless Fuck movin mountains I move planets and you'll be earthless You don't wanna battle Asu, all I leave is fossils Lethal Weapons Die Harder cause the Mission's Impossible And my rhymes is riper, I'm ready to come crisper Old jacks know that so they go back and whisper Takin surveys, gettin nervous, I'm just too worthy They can't stand me and say, "He can't be from Jersey" Mad, mad response I'm catchin just as soon as I step into the place That's why a smile's on my face I got styles that you trace with haste but I'm too deep Lots of the ladies I meet, I must be sweet So I say hold up and wait up and then listen here My rhymes come crisp and clear, but beware My format is all that, my concept's refined The Gang to the S-t-a-double r shines Chumps be losin it, abusin it, not gainin So there my gain is they vanish while I'm remainin And twice as Nice with a Smooth groove I end my rhyme And yo (this is how we run it down the line) Yeah, lyrical, financial and spiritual A dream of touchin my style would take a miracle You didn't know how deadly was my flow as I grow And bumrush and crush any foe But I prefer to have a good time when I rhyme But lately I have had to refine and be sublime Cause sometimes some people don't understand That I'm a man with ambitious plans and I stand to live grand And they fight with all their money invested to hold me back But now I'm featuring the mack pack Smooth B, you know I'm feelin fine (This is how we run it down the line) As I go on The Bass Blaster's in the house To my man in the house To my man in the house To my man Slick Nick To my man Vance Wright in the house And Premier, you'se a mutha Uhm-uhm

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