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British Admiral Howe's got troops on the water Thirty-two thousand troops in New York harbour Thirty-two thousand troops in New York harbour (thirty-two thousand troops in New York harbour) When they surround our troops, they surround our troops When they surround our troops (they surround our troops) As a kid in the Caribbean, I wished for a war I knew that I was poor I knew it was the only way to rise up If they tell my story I am either gonna die on the battlefield in glory or rise up I will fight for this land But there's only one man who can give us a command, so we can rise up Understand? It's the only way to rise up, rise up Here he comes Ladies and gentlemen! (Here comes the General!) The moment you've been waiting for! (Here comes the General!) The pride of Mount Vernon! (Here comes the General!) George Washington! We are outgunned (what?) Outmanned (what?) Outnumbered, outplanned (buck, buck, buck, buck, buck!) We gotta make an all out stand Ayo, I'm gonna need a right-hand man (buck, buck, buck, buck, buck!) Check it, can I be real a second? For just a millisecond? Let down my guard and tell the people how I feel a second? Now, I'm the model of a modern major general The venerated Virginian veteran Whose men are all lining up, to put me up on a pedestal Writin' letters to relatives, embellishin' my elegance and eloquence, but The elephant is in the room The truth is in your face when you hear the British cannons go boom! Any hope of success is fleeting How can I keep leading when the people I'm leading keep retreating? We put a stop to the bleeding as the British take Brooklyn Knight takes rook, but look We are outgunned (what?) Outmanned (what?) Outnumbered, outplanned (buck, buck, buck, buck, buck!) We gotta make an all out stand Ayo, I'm gonna need a right-hand man (buck, buck, buck, buck, buck!) Incoming! They're battering down the battery, check the damages (rah!) We gotta stop 'em and rob 'em of their advantages (rah!) Let's take a stand with the stamina God has granted us Hamilton won't abandon ship, yo, let's steal their cannons Shh-boom, goes the cannon, watch the blood and the shit spray, and And boom, goes the cannon, we're abandonin' Kips Bay And boom, there's another ship And boom, we just lost the southern tip And boom, we gotta run to Harlem quick, we can't afford another slip Guns and horses giddyup I decide to divvy up my forces They're skittish as the British cut the city up This close to givin' up, facing mad scrutiny I scream in the face of this mass mutiny Are these the men with which I am to defend America? We ride at midnight, Manhattan in the distance I cannot be everywhere at once, people! I'm in dire need of assistance Your excellency, sir! Who are you? Aaron Burr, Sir Permission to state my case? As you were Sir, I was a captain under General Montgomery until he caught a bullet in the neck in Quebec And well, in summary I think that I could be of some assistance I admire how you keep firing on the British from a distance (huh) I have some questions, a couple of suggestions On how to fight instead of fleeing west Yes? Well- Your excellency, you wanted to see me? Hamilton, come in, have you met Burr? Yes, sir, we keep meeting As I was saying, sir, I look forward to seeing your strategy play out Burr? Sir? Close the door on your way out Have I done something wrong, sir? On the contrary I called you here because our odds are beyond scary Your reputation precedes you, but I have to laugh Sir? Hamilton, how come no one can get you on their staff? Sir! Don't get me wrong, you're a young man of great renown I know you stole British cannons when we were still downtown Nathaniel Green and Henry Knox wanted to hire you Yeah, to be their Secretary? I don't think so Now why are you upset? I'm not It's alright, you wanna fight, you've got a hunger I was just like you when I was younger Head full of fantasies of dying like a martyr? Yes Dying is easy, young man, living is harder Why are you telling me this? I'm being honest I'm working with a third of what our Congress has promised We are a powder keg about to explode I need someone like you to lighten the load, so? I am not throwing away my shot! I am not throwing away my shot! Ayo, I'm just like my country, I'm young, scrappy and hungry! I am not throwing away my shot! Son, we are outgunned, outmanned! You need all the help you can get I have some friends, Laurens, Mulligan Marquis de Lafayette, okay, what else? Outnumbered, outplanned! We'll need some spies on the inside Some king's men who might let some things slide I'll write to Congress and tell 'em we need supplies You rally the guys, master the element of surprise (Chicka-boom!) I'll rise above my station, organize your information 'Til we rise to the occasion of our new nation, sir! Here comes the General Rise up! (What?) Here comes the General Rise up! (What?) Here comes the General Rise up! (What?) Here comes the General (What?) And his right-hand man! Boom!

More songs from Christopher Jackson, Lin-Manuel Miranda & Original Broadway Cast of "Hamilton"

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