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Wait for Me - Motopony

Wait for Me


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She'll come to me in a dream And I don't even know her name A pretty mark upon her breast To signify her from the rest But her and I are just the same Building bridges outta fame She stands upon a dinner plate And tells me that I'll have to wait I know it won't be easy What a thing To believe In a dream Perhaps I knew her long ago I wrote her poems at nine years old But then I did become a man The letter slipped right through my hands Practiced all my wit and charm Had many girls on every arm I learned the depths of love and hate But never did learn how to wait Wait for you You say it like it's easy to do What a thing To believe In a dream I hope you know that all my life I have been searching for a wife A partner and a confidant The girl who wants the things I want A girl who doesn't come along 'Cause she's already where I'm goin' I stand upon a broken stage I beg ya darling, please, please wait Wait for me I know it won't be easy What a thing To believe In a dream

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