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Turn It On

Kim Wilde

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Weird Science




I shake and I shiver when you reach for me and the pearls on the bottom of the deep blue sea The way you deliver you could make me free as I get lost is the riddle of your mystery Who will you find to love you Nobody quite like me It`s not the way you walk must be the way you talk So turn it on, turn it on Baby turn it on Maybe you need me Turn it on, when I`m weak baby make me strong Oh when you`re gone I get lost baby I go wrong So turn it on, let it loose baby all night long If you need me From the ship I`ve been sailing I was cast away I was slipped off your fingers and I had to stay Direction failing and my heart at sea and that look in your eyes meant for me Where would I be without you Why would I ever leave Could it be the way you touch You make me want so much

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Kids In America

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