Paper Aeroplane - Angus and Julia Stone

Paper Aeroplane

Angus and Julia Stone

1 credits

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I spilled the ink across the page trying to spell your name So I fold it up and I flick it out Paper Aeroplane It won't fly the seven seas to you 'Cause It didn't leave my room But it awaits the hands of someone else The garbage man Got to say mmm mmm mmm I spilled the ink across the land Trying to spell your name UP and down there it goes Paper Aeroplane It hasn't flown the seven seas to you But its on its way It goes through the hands Then to someone else To find you girl So he opens it up and reads it out to all his friends Amongst the crowd a heart will break and a heart will mend He walks on home tired from work The letter falls from his hand He reaches out only to catch the sky Its gone with the wind

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