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If you crash your car into your best friends house Would you be quiet as words came out of their mouths? Stop, don't do it, I have been waiting for it Stop, I knew it would come If you find a god next to your girlfriend's bed Would it be hard to sort out your spinning head? Stop, don't say that, dear, that you wanted him here Stop, don't give him a clear Take a picture of them Take a picture of them If you are afraid don't be, I have the whole thing planned We'll start in the ocean, baby, and when we find the land We will be thankful to all of our friends That they didn't leave us as we got to the end Take a picture of them Take a picture of them Take a picture of them Take a picture of them If you find your faith in your parents' god Don't be so quick to point out the flaws in it You've been around and you've seen the way that things work But you need a compass to get around your house

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