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Sail Away - Noel Coward

Sail Away

Noel Coward

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James and the Giant Peach - poster

James and the Giant Peach




When a sailor goes to sea Though he leaves his love behind Time and tide will set him free From the grief inside him Sea and sky will ease his heart Regulate his troubled mind Every sailor has a chart And a star to guide him home When the storm clouds are riding through a winter sky Sail away, sail away When the love light is fading in your sweetheart's eye Sail away, sail away When you feel your song Is orchestrated wrong Why should you prolong your stay? When the wind and the weather blow your dreams sky high Sail away, sail away, sail away Love is meat to make us glad Love can make the world go round Love can drive you raving mad Torment and upset you Love can give your heart a jolt But philosophers have found That it's wise to do a bolt When it starts to get you down When your life seems too difficult to rise above Sail away, sail away When your heart feels as dreary as a worn-out glove Sail away, sail away But when soon or late You recognize your fate That will be your great, great day On the wings of the morning with your own true love Sail away, sail away, sail away

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