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Yuck-Sue-Yaach - Snotty Nose Rez Kids


Snotty Nose Rez Kids

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Resident Alien -  poster

Resident Alien • s1e3




If you living off the land Yuck-Sue-Yaach If you stick it to the man Yuck-Sue-Yaach If you die for your people Yuck-Sue-Yaach If you see through the evil Yuck-Sue-Yaach If you're a story teller Yuck-Sue-Yaach If you listen to your elders Yuck-Sue-Yaach If you speak your native tongue Yuck-Sue-Yaach We forever young Yuck-sue-yaach! Sounding like a savage I don't even understand em when he say that you the baddest Survival is a habit, rally after rally I get it from my 'Op, I be stuntin' like my daddy We in the streets like Aladdin, its making me nostalgic Nu-gwa ah-da nolagimi, that translates to magic My mama'o gave me knowledge like "Sonny, you can have it" I don't mean I'm cookin' dope, but I be trappin' at the cabin Man that's word to my granny, if ya'll don't understand me I'm thankful for the salmon I'm providing for my family And I'm livin' off the land like the ones who did before me I be passin' on the stories of the ones who died before me Man that's Sasquatch habit, call me Young Buquis I gave the city back cuz I'd rather have the bush The rez is in the building, they afraid we coming up The futures in our children, Yuck-Sue-Yaach If you a native academic Yuck-Sue-Yaach If your craft is genetic Yuck-Sue-Yaach If you're workin' both your spirits Yuck-Sue-Yaach If you let 'em haters hear us Yuck-Sue-Yaach If your urban space native Yuck-Sue-Yaach If you carry what is sacred Yuck-Sue-Yaach If your hair is long and braided Yuck-Sue-Yaach You got me feelin' like we made it Yuck-Sue-Yaach Yuck-Sue-Yaach, I hit 'em with the warrior dance like Yuck-sue-yaach, they say I'm Michael Jackson bad like Yuck-sue-yaach, they say I look like my Baba Yuck-sue-yaach, my hair a lions mane like Simba Yuck-sue-yaach, I feel the spirits around that fuego What you know about a savage? Shit I ain't no average joe They call me Moon child, red moons out Hear the wolves howl, neechies on the prowl Ride together and die together, that's bad boy, go fear the feather Generation seven reppin' Section 35 forever Warrior just like Kevin 'til creator calls my number Me and brother bring that thunder so our Culture ain't that eighth wonder (eighth wonder) I don't want a statue, I prefer my carvings Something I can rock with pride when that drum is calling Lil neechie litty, belly gettin' biggie, chiefin' in the city Feel like Diddy cuz I'm Yuck-Boy If you a master carver Yuck-Sue-Yaach If your art is up for barter Yuck-Sue-Yaach Don't give a damn about a dollar Yuck-Sue-Yaach But you gotta feed your daughter Yuck-Sue-Yaach If you gave your life to life giving Yuck-Sue-Yaach If you trust in the children Yuck-Sue-Yaach If you proud of your village Yuck-Sue-Yaach We about to kill it...

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