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Eight Men And Four Women

O.V. Wright

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Eight men, four women Lord, that's the jury of love I dreamed that love was a crime I was alone, so lonely and blue You know why? Because eight men and four women Lord, they found me guilty of loving you (Loving you) As they were taking me away you were taking I saw you when you were taking the witness stand You know what? I heard the lawyer when he asked you "My love, do you really love that man?" It was eight men and four women (Guilty) How could they be so blind? (Guilty) How could they? I know they sat there and called true love a crime This is what killed me But a tear rolled down my cheek I felt so sorry for you You know why? Because in my heart I knew, oh yes, baby I knew That they would find you guilty too Judge, your honor and to the jury I intend to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt That we are innocent and true love is not a crime Lord, that's the jury of love (Lord, that's the jury of love) A mean judge, a mean jury Oh, that's the jury of love (Lord, that's the jury of love) Oh, that's just the way it goes, baby They found me guilty of love...

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