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Jackass. I'm a Pimped out Jedi Knight, Obi-Wan meets Dolomite, Ben Kenobi went and got himself a Pompador, These aren't the whores you're looking for Jackass. If the Crocodile hunter smoked weed, Steve Irwin burning herb in his Jeep, Kicks the kangaroos for laughing at his hair cut, Used to fall for that too but If you knew me like, I know myself, You'd hate me like I hate myself, 'Cause i'm a ... Jackass. Got no Rabbit in this hat, 'Cause I'm pulling it out my ass Ain't Siegfried or Roy but I could be, Making Magic with a pussy. Jackass. Like that dude in Tienemen Square, With a Six pack and a folding chair, Guy bothered the parade and ended up, Playing Chicken with the tanks but We could out the Lesbian Spice Girl, They could try to run Game on the ODB. They could kick every douche bag off the Real World, But they won't get rid of me! If I knew you like, You know yourself, I'd hate you like, You hate yourself, Hate yourself, Hate yourself, Hate yourself, Hate yourself, Hate yourself, Hate yourself, 'Cause you're a Jackass!

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