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No Scream & Shout

Lucy Love

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Heard in the following movies & TV shows

Killjoys • s1e2




Let them creep in Don't let'em out Let them grow old No scream and shout No scream and shout What you gonna do when they come for you I'm gonna cough'em up spit'em out Yes I can do this all day All the other things that I could be doing This doesn't feel like work it's all play Be the pray fear the falcon I'm the blow and you're the talcum Name is x call me Malcolm I'm x'ed out just like Malcolm Crazy is what crazy does So run the blade without the gloves And if it's them then it's not you And if it's black then bruise it blue I don't care what they say I'm gonna do it anyway I don't care what they say Believing takes the pain away I don't care what they say I'm gonna do it anyway One pill two pills three pills four I can't really tell what's real anymore Five pills six pills seven pills eight All the other pills say it's not to late

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