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Spinnin' - Zion I


Zion I

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Grandma's Boy - poster

Grandma's Boy




Its like world's spinnin' And I'mm in it We livin' Keep winnin' No chromo' Roll dolo The popo Worth mojo Hey hey Lost in the zone where i can't feel my arms Cyclone's drone but my mind is too numb Out of the storm where your mind is crackin' all day Homie blaze the charm, i gotta keep calm Government lockdown **************** Patrol the block so its always too hot Chased at the steep but our feet are to flee Hookup in that liquor make a bum start to weed Suicidal notes written in crayola Never stay sober - if we did, GAME OVER! Call the marines in, air force reserve God hold me down, I'm about to lose my nerve! Curb's where we serve, prayers to preserve Keepers of the faith, guardians, planet earth Battle with a gas mask, toxic enviro Can't last against the stench, downward spiral Too full to fall down, somebody catch me Angels that sketchy, please, jaja best me Wind for my wings and lead for my pencil Love for my heart, i need faith for my mental 'Cause i'm spinnin, knife in it We livin', keep winnin No chromo Roll dolo The popo Worth mojo Im spinnin, Stuff's spinnin, Time's spinnin Half spinnin' That's spinnin, You're spinnin I'm spinnin, World's spinnin' Light at the end of the tunnel Can't see Fight with my might but i'm just an emcee! One lone gunner, drum blade runner Mashed and gashed and crashed up your new hummer Walls can't hold us but poverty's sticky! Fences and nets man this life shit is tricky Just like the 60's, folks are still broke Eyes wide shut when i'm next in the yolk Hang 'em high homie, weed by the pail Keep us doped up so you don't hear a sound And don't feel a thing, please don't let it sting I speak everything that i feel when i sing And right now i'm slippin, trippin the **spinmo**, Too many XO's, head about to explode Painkiller med flow Essential decay Fade out of time is the rhyme gettin' laid The world's spinnin, and I'm in it We livin' Keep winnin' No chromo, Roll dolo The popo Worth mojo I'm spinnin' Stuff's spinnin' Time's spinnin' Half spinnin' That's spinnin World's spinnin' I'm spinnin, You're spinnin Ying yang slang my thang lets continue Brought to the depths see whats next on the menu Hope is essential pain, elemental Acid rain Gaurd your brain Is torrential Heat wave Monuments built by cheap slaves Deep graves and lay the cage where i stay Enter, city decide im sent detention And dominate your senses from the center Spinnin' Winnin' Livin' Women' Chromo Dolo Popo Mojo (Spinnin, spinnin, spinnin)

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