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Somebody Kill Me - Adam Kill Me

Somebody Kill Me

Adam Kill Me

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The Wedding Singer - poster

The Wedding Singer



Bupkis -  poster

Bupkis • s1e7




Ok, I just want to warn you that when I wrote this song I was listening to the Cure a lot. You don't know how much I need you. While you're around I don't feel blue. And when we kiss I know that you need me too. I can't believe I found a love that's so pure and true. But it all was bullshit. It was a goddamn joke. And when I think of you and I, I hope you fucking choke. I hope you're glad with what you've done to me. I lay in bed all day long feeling melancholy. You left me here all alone, tears running constantly. Oh somebody kill me please, Somebody kill me plee-ase, I'm on my knees, pretty pretty please kill me. I want to die. Put a bullet in my head. You're going to the mental institution.

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