Currently, advertising is our only means of revenue. However due to the high prevalence of ad-blockers today, the vast majority of our visitors generate no revenue for us. Like any website, we have server, development and content creation costs. So If you’d like to support us while getting access to a range of extra features, consider becoming a VIP for only $3/month.

What features will I get?

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Enjoy WhatSong as it is meant to be enjoyed. Completely ad-free!
Support our Community
VIP memberships will help pay for our servers, development and ensure content can continue to be updated frequently.
VIP Badge
Show off your shiny VIP badge to other users.
Persistent Player
Continue streaming music from playlists. Even when you browse between pages, your player will continue to play.
Dark Mode
An easily toggleable dark-mode, making the website easier on eyes at night.
Coming Soon
Unlimited Discovery Results
Scroll more than the top 20 songs of each week, get access to thousands of extra popular songs each week.
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Subscription isn't your thing?

If you'd prefer a simpler, one-off donation to help keep us running, we currently accept Bitcoin or Ethereum. Our addresses can be found in the footer.

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