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Recent questions

Andy_Bradley level 1 | 19 hours ago | Apocalypse Now
What song is playing when air Calvary attack

Justin_Litke level 1 | 4 days ago | The Great Gatsby
What version of Young and Beautiful is playing as Gatsby and Daisy dance in the hall. It's the version with a chorus and extra drum.
tomm098 level 5   admin | 2 days ago
It's by The Bryan Ferry Orchestra. You can listen to it above. It plays at the 1hr12min mark.
Justin_Litke level 1 | 2 days ago
I should have phrased it differently. It's the version that plays when Gatsby gives Daisy a tour of his house. When she asks about the piano and Klipspringer. The chorus of the song is sung by a choir.

Skintab_Davao level 1 | 4 days ago | +1 (Plus One)
Hello what is the title of the song,the indian guy said " everything is under control" theyre still inside the house dancing and they all got wet because of the fire sprinkler?

Louis_Roncales level 1 | 4 days ago | 22 Jump Street
what is the title of the song at 28:05 ? :)

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