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Vineet_Kumar | 21 hours ago | 3 Days To Kill

Song plays when VIVI in training session with strippers & later Ethan joins with briefcase, says job is done.

Lauren_McApline | 23 hours ago | Love Actually

Didn't I hear Alicia keys on the love actually movie.

Jõşěph_Řøgěrş | 1 day ago | Transformers: Age of Extinction

Lucas Flannery (Lucus) What Music is he playing in his car when he meets Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager at an old theater where they find Optimus Prime?

Tom_Barrows | 2 days ago | 22 Jump Street

What plays during the opening studio logos?

Ms_Rafah | 6 days ago | Celeste and Jesse Forever

what is that instrumental song playing when Celeste and Jesse are done arguing on the street and as they walk away Celeste gets a hug from a man in a costume.

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