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Recent questions

Where can I get your song?

26:47 music?
Michael_Senefro level 1 | 1 day ago
Which song plays over the end credits?

Juan Miguel Louise_Soto level 1 | 1 day ago | The To Do List
what song is this lyrics from? scene is from when Brandy and Rusty was making out at the car before they had sex so many people lost in the night they left behind the daydreamer

Sulait_Mallick level 1 | 1 day ago | Exodus: Gods and Kings
what is hebrew folk song playing at the moses and zipporah wedding in the movie "exodus gods and kings (2014)?

Marcie_Thomas-Warrick level 1 | 2 days ago | Straight A's
The song " Gotta Lover" by Joe Purdy is great but what I want to know is who is the female voice we are hearing in the actual movie? Please help as I will be certain to pass it along to a lot of others wondering the same question but having no luck finding the answer. This Megan Chestnut people are referring to only seems to have a 29 second video on sound cloud and I'm pretty sure if indeed it was her there would be a cover on you tube which there is not one that I can find.

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