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long2193 | 1 day ago | Divergent

what is the ending song ?? and the song when Tris flying :S

amec912 | 1 day ago | Veronica Mars

Does anyone know what song or music was playing during the fight scene at the reunion? Thanks!

alexpc_aus | 3 days ago | The Other Guys

Hi there, What is the song after "Never Gonna Give You Up" playing in the car when they are having a fight?

Skye_Brand | 3 days ago | The Lego Movie

Quite close to the end, when the duplo UFO hovers over the lego world some music starts playing...what is it? It's the start of a really irritating song & I can't get it out of my damn head!!!! I need to know what it is!

reichler | 3 days ago | American Hustle

Does anyone know the song playing during the title menu (sounds like late Beatles)?

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