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Recent questions

What soundtrack is when Optimus prime gets out and save Cade Yeager

what song is playing when jessica and sturart kiss in the apartment? their first kiss before getting in bed?
tomm098 level 5   admin | 2 days ago
I think it's part of the score by the composer as it doesn't sound like an actual song sorry :( Hopefully someone corrects me though.

Kimberley_Hicks Utzman level 1 | 5 days ago | Love Actually
It appears Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 is not listed here. I know it was segued into Sweetest Goodbye but as it appears here, this equally great song is not credited. Might want to consider correcting this.
tomm098 level 5   admin | 2 days ago
It doesn't appear to be credited in the end credits. Are you 100% sure it's not the same song? I'll try to and watch the scene this week to confirm.

The song being played in the last scene when mike and jenny kiss is Intro-The XX

Nithin_Reddy level 1 | 2 weeks ago | Suits: Episode 1 "Pilot "
The beginning is at 18:10 or so. Anyone knows what that track is?

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