American Reunion (2012) Soundtrack 

Original Music Lyle Workman
Official Soundtrack 15 Songs
Credited Songs 54 Songs
Contributor Tom_Andrews level 2
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Complete List of Songs

Bump N' Grind    R. Kelly
First song. Opening scenes.   
Love Muscle    SEX-O-RAMA
0:01 Jim starts masturbating while Michelle takes a bath.   
Everybody Talks    Neon Trees
0:03 Opening credits after intro scene. Jim is at the office.   
Heartbeat    Disco Fries
0:05 Oz gets home and finds his wife in the hot tub with another guy.   
Wannamama    Pop Levi
0:07 Stifler walks into the office.   
Big Joy Ride    Rick Dasher
0:10 Kara's boyfriend pulls up his car.   
Boys Wanna Be Her    Peaches
0:10 Jim\'s neighbour walks out of the house.   
I'm a Man    The Blue Van
0:15 Finch pulls up on his motorbike to meet the guys. First song at the bar.   
I Get My Way    Jay Condiotti
0:17 Second song at the bar as Stifler arrives.   
My Generation    Thomas Nicholas Band
0:18 Third song at the bar.   
Sidetracked (How Do You Know?)    DownDownDown
0:19 Fourth song at the bar. They look through the year book.   
Last Night    Good Charlotte
0:21 Fifth song at the bar. Stifler buys shots.   
Bring It On Home    Kopek
0:23 The guys go to the beach, and hate on all the younger teens.   
Make a Noise    Mikey Likes It
0:27 Stifler gets back at the guys with jet-skis. They are listening to this song on the beach.   
Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)    My Chemical Romance
0:30 Stifler trashes the jet skis as they speed away in the car.   
You Make Me Feel... (feat. Sabi)    Cobra Starship
0:32 The guys goes to the high school party on the beach.   
Please Baby Stay    Jack Miz
0:34 They sit on the beach playing Playing Never have I Ever.   
Party On (feat. The Disco Fries)    Honorebel
0:34 Third party at the beach party. Kevin and Vicky are talking.   
Wasted    Money Fame & Love
0:35 Fourth song at the party. Jim and Stifler are talking by the keg.   
Home Run Hitter    D.T.F
0:37 Sixth song at the beach party. Ron tells Oz he needs more adventure.   
Never Gonna Let Go    Amely
0:38 Seventh song at the beach party. Stifler talks about the Twilight books in front of all the girls.   
Me So Horny    2 Live Crew
0:39 Stifler\'s ring tone.   
Before the Night is Over    Marisa Cristina
0:40 8th song at the party. Kara asks Jim to take her home.   
Wannabe (Radio Edit)    Spice Girls
0:40 Song playing in the car as Jim drops Kara home from the beach party.   
Baby I'm Yours    Shai
0:41 Second song in the car. Kara comes onto Jim and asks him to be her first.   
My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha)    3OH!3
0:47 Oz\'s admirer dances to this song in her home.   
I Can Be the One    Renald Francoeur
0:54 Kevin is dreaming that Vicky is giving him head.   
Sidewalk Song    Latch Key Kid
0:54 Kevin wakes up to find Vicki in bed with him. Oz and Heather have lunch together.   
Sexy and I Know It    LMFAO
0:58 Jim makes his dad a profile for the dating website.   
Beat Me    Above Envy
1:02 First song at Stifler\'s party.   
Shots    LMFAO & Lil Jon
1:03 Stifler gets Jim\'s dad drunk at his party.   
Turn It Around    Miss Eighty 6
1:04 Jim\'s dad is drunk as he talks to Stifler at the party.   
Dance All Night    The Deekompressors
1:06 They are watching Oz\'s dance show tape at the party.   
Tired of Being Alone    Al Green
1:08 Jim\'s dad and Stiflers mom are talking in her room.   
Almost    Attention
1:09 At the party when Finch and Selena start making out at Stiflers party. Stifler finds Blowjob Lipstein.   
Here Comes the Hotstepper    Stooshe
1:11 Stifler tries to get with Blowjob Lipstein in the bathroom.   
Start Me Up    The Bangkok Five
1:12 Kevin is on the phone to his wife at the party.   
The Store    Toothpick Warriors
1:14 Song as Jim is chased out of the house at the party.   
Kick Ass    Egypt Central
1:16 A fight erupts outside Stiflers party.   
Never Let You Go    Third Eye Blind
1:23 The guys start arriving at the reunion party.   
Closing Time    Semisonic
1:24 Finch comes clean about his job and life to the guys. They decide to go get Stiffler for the reunion party.   
My Own Worst Enemy    Lit
1:28 Stifler quits his job and they go to the reunion.   
Sway    Bic Runga
1:29 Oz (Chris) tells Heather he broke up with his girlfriend at the reunion.   
Poison    Bell Biv DeVoe
1:31 Stifler punches Ron in the face on the dance floor.   
The Freshmen    The Verve Pipe
1:33 Kevin apologies to Vicky at the reunion. Michelle arrives and walks to Jim.   
This Is How We Do It    Montell Jordan
1:36 On the dance floor at the party. The Sherminator arrives.   
Rump Shaker    Wreckx-N-Effect
1:39 Finch's mum, Rachel arrives at the party and meets Stifler. Jim and Michelle start having sex at the school.   
I'll Make Love To You    1 Boyz II Men
1:41 Song at the reunion as Finch\'s mum talks to Stifler at the table. She hits on him.   
Laid    James
1:45 End of the movie at \"Dog Year\'s\". First song during end credits.   
La Traviata: Atto II - "Noi siamo zingarelle" (Coro)    Beniamino Gigli, Maria Caniglia & Orchestra and Chorus of the London Philharmonic
1:46 Extra scene as Jim\'s dad is at the movies with Stifler\'s mom.   
The Good Life    HP
1:50 Second song during end credits.   
I'm Gonna Show    Yunker
Pres-sumo    Phunkpiranha
Tubthumping    Chumbawamba


1 Last Night Good Charlotte
2 You Make Me Feel... (feat. Sabi) Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Cobra Starship
3 Here Comes the Hotstepper Stooshe
4 Wannamama Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Pop Levi
5 My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha) Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 3OH!3
6 I'm a Man Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio The Blue Van
7 Bring It On Home Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Kopek
8 Rump Shaker Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Wreckx-N-Effect
9 Wannabe (Radio Edit) Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Spice Girls
10 I'll Make Love To You Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 1 Boyz II Men
11 This Is How We Do It Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Montell Jordan
12 The Good Life HP
13 My Generation Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Thomas Nicholas Band
14 Class of '99 Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Lyle Workman
15 American Reunion Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Lyle Workman
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