• American Reunion Soundtrack

  • Film Release Apr 5th 2012
  • Composer Lyle Workman
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Complete List of Songs

Bump N' Grind
First song. Opening scenes.
Love Muscle
0:01 Jim starts masturbating while Michelle takes a bath.
Everybody Talks
0:03 Opening credits after intro scene. Jim is at the office.
0:05 Oz gets home and finds his wife in the hot tub with another guy.
0:07 Stifler walks into the office.
Big Joy Ride
0:10 Kara's boyfriend pulls up his car.
Boys Wanna Be Her
0:10 Jim\'s neighbour walks out of the house.
0:15 Finch pulls up on his motorbike to meet the guys. First song at the bar.
0:17 Second song at the bar as Stifler arrives.
0:18 Third song at the bar.
Sidetracked (How Do You Know?)
0:19 Fourth song at the bar. They look through the year book.
0:21 Fifth song at the bar. Stifler buys shots.
Bring It On Home
0:23 The guys go to the beach, and hate on all the younger teens.
Make a Noise
0:27 Stifler gets back at the guys with jet-skis. They are listening to this song on the beach.
Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
0:30 Stifler trashes the jet skis as they speed away in the car.
You Make Me Feel... (feat. Sabi)
0:32 The guys goes to the high school party on the beach.
Please Baby Stay
0:34 They sit on the beach playing Playing Never have I Ever.
Party On (feat. The Disco Fries)
0:34 Third party at the beach party. Kevin and Vicky are talking.
0:35 Fourth song at the party. Jim and Stifler are talking by the keg.
Home Run Hitter
0:37 Sixth song at the beach party. Ron tells Oz he needs more adventure.
Never Gonna Let Go
0:38 Seventh song at the beach party. Stifler talks about the Twilight books in front of all the girls.
Me So Horny
0:39 Stifler\'s ring tone.
Before the Night is Over
0:40 8th song at the party. Kara asks Jim to take her home.
Wannabe (Radio Edit)
0:40 Song playing in the car as Jim drops Kara home from the beach party.
Baby I'm Yours
0:41 Second song in the car. Kara comes onto Jim and asks him to be her first.
My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha)
0:47 Oz\'s admirer dances to this song in her home.
I Can Be the One
0:54 Kevin is dreaming that Vicky is giving him head.
Sidewalk Song
0:54 Kevin wakes up to find Vicki in bed with him. Oz and Heather have lunch together.
Sexy and I Know It
0:58 Jim makes his dad a profile for the dating website.
1:02 First song at Stifler\'s party.
1:03 Stifler gets Jim\'s dad drunk at his party.
Turn It Around
1:04 Jim\'s dad is drunk as he talks to Stifler at the party.
Dance All Night
1:06 They are watching Oz\'s dance show tape at the party.
Tired of Being Alone
1:08 Jim\'s dad and Stiflers mom are talking in her room.
1:09 At the party when Finch and Selena start making out at Stiflers party. Stifler finds Blowjob Lipstein.
Here Comes the Hotstepper
1:11 Stifler tries to get with Blowjob Lipstein in the bathroom.
1:12 Kevin is on the phone to his wife at the party.
1:14 Song as Jim is chased out of the house at the party.
1:16 A fight erupts outside Stiflers party.
Never Let You Go
1:23 The guys start arriving at the reunion party.
Closing Time
1:24 Finch comes clean about his job and life to the guys. They decide to go get Stiffler for the reunion party.
My Own Worst Enemy
1:28 Stifler quits his job and they go to the reunion.
1:29 Oz (Chris) tells Heather he broke up with his girlfriend at the reunion.
1:31 Stifler punches Ron in the face on the dance floor.
1:33 Kevin apologies to Vicky at the reunion. Michelle arrives and walks to Jim.
This Is How We Do It
1:36 On the dance floor at the party. The Sherminator arrives.
1:39 Finch's mum, Rachel arrives at the party and meets Stifler. Jim and Michelle start having sex at the school.
I'll Make Love To You
1:41 Song at the reunion as Finch\'s mum talks to Stifler at the table. She hits on him.
1:45 End of the movie at \"Dog Year\'s\". First song during end credits.
1:46 Extra scene as Jim\'s dad is at the movies with Stifler\'s mom.
The Good Life
1:50 Second song during end credits.
I'm Gonna Show

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