• The Art of Getting By Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jul 28th 2011
  • Composer Alec Puro
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Complete List of Songs

We Will Become Silhouettes
0:01 First song during opening credits.
We Drink On the Job
0:17 George is drawing in his room instead of doing his trig assignment.
Sleep the Clock Around
0:19 George and Sally cut school to walk around the city.
Black Champagne
0:30 George goes over to Sally\'s friends place for the New Year.
This Momentary
0:32 George goes out to a club with Sally and her friends after the party.
0:33 Second song at the club. George is asked if he wants to be introduced to any girls.
0:33 Third song at the club.
0:40 Sally\'s mum tells her not to mess around with George\'s feelings.
0:47 George lies in bed listening to this song on his ipod on repeat.
Do Do Do
0:51 First song at the bar as Sally meets Dustin.
The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth
0:51 Second song at the bar. Sally dances with Dustin.
1:05 Montage as George starts studying and painting so he can graduate.
Loving a Fool
1:09 Sally and George meet at the bar and Sally tells him that she\'s leaving tomorrow.
1:13 Sally leaves for the Airport, and George hands in assignments for graduation.
The Trial of the Century
1:18 Sally returns for George. Plays into end credits.

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