• Battleship Soundtrack

  • Film Release May 18th 2012
  • Composer Steve Jablonsky
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Complete List of Songs

Interstate Love Song
0:03 First song, Alex is at the bar.
Everybody Wants You
0:04 Sam walks into the bar and Alex stares at her.
The Pink Panther Theme
0:06 Alex breaks into the convenience store.
0:07 Alex tries to run from the cops to give Sam the burrito.
Gold On the Ceiling
0:10 Soccer match.
One Lovely Day
0:14 Sam & Alex are making out on the beach.
0:15 Playing in Alex\'s car as he rushes to the ship for the ceremony.
Hard as a Rock
0:23 Rimpac begins as the ships depart.
I Gotsta Get Paid
0:26 Plays as Sam visits the naval physical therapy centre.
1:40 They prepare the old war battle ship to take the seas.
1:58 After Alex receives a silver star for his bravery at the end of the movie.
2:00 First song during end credits.
Blue Suede Shoes
Waltz On the Beautiful Blue Danube, Op. 314

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