This Must Be The Place (2011) Soundtrack 

Original Music David Byrne
Credited Songs 23 Songs
Contributor Tom_Andrews level 2
Views 690 (May), 20313 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

Lord I'm Coming    Gavin Friday
0:01 First song as Cheyenne gets ready in front of the mirror.   
Lay and Love    The Pieces of Shit
0:02 First song during opening credits. Mary rides her skateboard to the mall where the band are playing this song.   
Open Up    The Pieces of Shit
0:05 The second song the band play at the mall.   
Spiegel im Spiegel    Daniel Hope & Simon Mulligan
0:14 Cheyenne visits the graveyard.   
Lay and Love    Bonnie "Prince" Billy
0:24 Cheyenne talks to Desmond out by the pool about Mary. He tells him not to give up.   
Warm    Vic Chesnutt
0:29 Cheyenne arrives home in New York City to see his father.   
This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)    David Byrne
0:33 David Byrne sings this song live at the show.   
Gardermoen    Julia Kent
0:38 Cheyenne reads through his fathers diary. Continues to play at his funeral.   
Happiness    Jonsi & Alex
0:43 Cheyenne is informed about his fathers search for a nazi officer.   
Eliza    The Pieces of Shit
0:49 Chayenne travels across the country side.   
This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)    Trevor Green
0:52 Song at the bar after Cheyenne checks in and calls Jane. He sits at the bar talking with man about tattoos.   
The Passenger    Iggy Pop
1:03 Cheyenne listens to this in his motel room after stealing the report card off the fridge.   
You Can Like It    The Pieces of Shit
1:06 Cheyenne arrives in New Mexico. The waiter calls his number in the restaurant.   
This Must Be the Place (Original Version)    Trevor Green
1:18 This song plays again after Cheyenne leaves Rachel. He calls Jane from a pay phone and Ernie\'s car catches on fire.   
Happiness    Jonsi & Alex
1:30 Cheyenne breaks into the German\'s house. He talks to Mary on the phone.   
Achille's Heel: II. Second Bounce    Brooklyn Rider
1:36 Cheyenne and Mordecai drive out into the mountains to find the german.   
If It Falls It Falls    The Pieces of Shit
1:45 Cheyenne leaves the German in the snow and heads to the airport to go home.   
This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)    Gloria
1:49 End of the movie. First song during end credits.   
Charmaine    Mantovani and His Orchestra
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)    Antonio Andrade
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)    the Old Believers
Every Single Moment In My Life Is a Weary Wait (Original Version)    Nino Bruno e le 8 tracce
The Sword is Yours    The Pieces of Shit

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Questions (1) Ask Question

Kevin_Kaufman level 1 | 9 months ago
what's the song used during the first conversation with Mary's mother about Cheyenne never smoked because he never grew up thing? It sounds like an acoustic reprise of "this must be the place"
Pierre-Louis_Vuillemin level 1 | 7 months ago
Took me 7 hours to find ! It's "Naive Melody" from Trevor Green in "Reflections".