Magic Mike (2012) Soundtrack 

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Complete List of Songs

Breakdown    1 Alice Russell
0:03 First song as Mike drives to work.   
Learn My Lesson    The Sheepdogs
0:06 Playing in Mike\'s car when he drops Adam home.   
Feels Like the First Time    Foreigner
0:10 At the bar with Brooke and Adam.   
#1Nite (One Night)    Cobra Starship
0:11 Song in the club when Magic Mike gets Adam in.   
Love Right Now    Ricky Blaze
0:14 Second song at the club as Adam talks to the girls.   
It’s Raining Men    3 Countre Black
0:21 First song during the live show.   
Booty Wurk (One Cheek At a Time) [feat. Joey Galaxy]    T-Pain
0:23 Second song at the umbrella strip show.   
Bang Bang Boom    The Unknown
0:23 Third song at the show as they start their solo acts.   
Like A Virgin    1 Chris Mitchell
0:26 Adam goes on stage for the first time.   
Fish In The Sea    Frootful
0:29 They count the money after the show.   
Gimme What You Got    Black Daniel
0:31 Adam and Mike go home with the girls from the bar.   
New Beat    Toro y Moi
0:35 Adam starts rehearsal. Dallas teaches him.   
Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)    Big & Rich
0:40 Adam does his cowboy routine.   
Pony    2 Ginuwine
0:42 Magic Mike performs on stage as Adam\'s sister watches on.   
Just for Now    Cloud Control
0:50 On the Fourth of July, they all ride a boat over for a sand party.   
Sound Off (the Duckworth Chant)    Vaughn Monroe
0:56 4th of July performance.   
Jack and His Rifle (Magic Mike Military Mix)    Jack Rayner
0:57 Second song as they perform their army strip show.   
Money    Ringside
1:01 Montage as the guys continue to perform various shows.   
This Is Hot    Hotheadz
1:06 Dallas announces to his team they got a premium spot on miami beach.   
Sassy Sexy Wiggle    joe Tex
1:06 Adam stares at Laura in the back room after the good news.   
Mo Cash!    Vegas Audio Ninjas
1:15 Mike and Adam pretend to be cops and strip for a sorority.   
Wash U Clean    Beth Thornley
1:17 Second song at the sorority show.   
Love Shot    The Blue Van
1:18 A fight erupts at the Sorority house after Adam gives one of the girls ecstasy.   
Nothing    Young Man
1:19 At the restaurant as Mike meets Joana fiance.   
Calypso    Excision & Datsik
1:23 Magic Mike tries out some new dance moves on stage after a fight with Dallas.   
Victim (feat. Blaqstarr)    1 Win Win
1:25 Adam and Mike party hard on drugs after the show.   
Divine    Paul Allen
1:35 Playing on the beach as Adam meets up with Mike.   
Ladies of Tampa    Matthew McConaughey
1:37 Dallas sings this song on stage.   
Calling Dr. Love    KISS
1:38 Dallas smashes his guitar and dances to this song.   
Got 2 Luv U (feat. Alexis Jordan)    Sean Paul
1:41 Dallas comes off stage to find that Magic Mike has left. This song plays in the background.   
Feels Like the First Time    Foreigner
1:46 First song during end credits.   
Ladies of Miami    Matthew McConaughey
1:49 Second song during end credits.   


1 Breakdown Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 1 Alice Russell
2 It’s Raining Men 3 Countre Black
3 Bang Bang Boom The Unknown
4 Gimme What You Got Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Black Daniel
5 Just for Now Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Cloud Control
6 Money Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Ringside
7 Sassy Sexy Wiggle Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio joe Tex
8 Mo Cash! Vegas Audio Ninjas
9 Wash U Clean Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Beth Thornley
10 Victim (feat. Blaqstarr) Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 1 Win Win
11 Ladies of Tampa Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Matthew McConaughey
12 Feels Like the First Time Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Foreigner
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