Cosmopolis (2012) Soundtrack 

Original Music Howard Shore
Official Soundtrack 11 Songs
Credited Songs 11 Songs
Contributor Tom_Andrews level 2
Views 160 (Oct), 3182 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

White Limos Howard Shore & Metric
First song, during opening credits. Camera pans across white limos.   
Rat Men Howard Shore & Metric
0:16 Didi (Binoche) and Eric (Pattinson) talk in the limo.   
Asymmetrical Howard Shore & Metric
0:24 Background music as Eric receives his daily medical checkup.   
I Don't Want to Wake Up Howard Shore & Metric
0:52 Club techno song as Eric and watches from upstairs.   
Mecca K'Naan
0:56 Ibrahim talks to Eric in the limo about the funeral.   
Haircut Howard Shore & Metric
1:15 Playing in the car after Eric gets his haircut.   
Benno Howard Shore & Metric
1:36 Benno holds the gun to the back of Eric's head as he considers killing him.   
Long to Live Howard Shore & Metric
1:38 End credits.   
Call Me Home Howard Shore & Metric
The Gun Howard Shore & Metric
A Credible Threat Howard Shore & Metric


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