Not Suitable for Children (2012) Soundtrack 

Original Music Matteo Zingales
Credited Songs 17 Songs
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Views 640 (Nov), 24159 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

Heavy Soul Song Available on Rdio The Black Keys
First song, movie opens on the party.   
Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick Tom Spender
0:04 Song at the party after they get the power back on.   
Just Got to Be Song Available on Rdio The Black Keys
0:13 First song playing at the next party they host.   
I'm Broke Song Available on Rdio Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears
0:14 Second song at the party as they sit around smoking weed.   
Two Cousins Song Available on Rdio Slow Club
0:19 After Jonah visits his ex, he guys to a playground and watches the children through the fence.   
Tidal Wave Song Available on Rdio Husky
0:35 Jonah and Stevie babysit the kids in the hope to prove Jonah is a good dad.   
I Got Burned (feat. Tim Rogers) The Bamboos
0:40 Jonah tries to find Stevie\'s friend at the bar. This song plays in the background.   
Kitchen Bay Song Available on Rdio Offcutts
0:41 Next song at the bar. Jonah makes out with her outside the bar.   
Again Song Available on Rdio Flatwound
0:48 Song as they throw another house party.   
Mammalian Locomotion Song Available on Rdio Abbe May
0:55 Jonah and Stevie head back to the motel room in the hope of having sex.   
Feel Good Inc Gorillaz
1:02 Jonah and Stevie start having sex all the time as Gus starts to get suspicious.   
Carried mammals
1:10 After Jonah and Stevie fight, Jonah goes home and helps set up the party.   
Keep Walking The Mess Hall
1:13 First song as the party starts. Ava arrives and apologises, they start having sex.   
Can You Get to That Song Available on Rdio Funkadelic
1:20 Stevie leaves Jonah at the party. Cuts to the following day as Jonah is taken to the hospital for his operation.   
Girl Is On My Mind Song Available on Rdio The Black Keys
1:27 Jonah is wheeled off to his operation after Stevie kisses him. First song during end credits.   
Teething Megastick Fanfare
1:29 Second song during end credits.   
Perception Song Available on Rdio Quantic

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