• Not Suitable for Children Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jul 12th 2012
  • Composer Matteo Zingales
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Complete List of Songs

First song, movie opens on the party.
Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
0:04 Song at the party after they get the power back on.
Just Got to Be
0:13 First song playing at the next party they host.
0:14 Second song at the party as they sit around smoking weed.
Two Cousins
0:19 After Jonah visits his ex, he guys to a playground and watches the children through the fence.
Tidal Wave
0:35 Jonah and Stevie babysit the kids in the hope to prove Jonah is a good dad.
I Got Burned (feat. Tim Rogers)
0:40 Jonah tries to find Stevie\'s friend at the bar. This song plays in the background.
Kitchen Bay
0:41 Next song at the bar. Jonah makes out with her outside the bar.
0:48 Song as they throw another house party.
Mammalian Locomotion
0:55 Jonah and Stevie head back to the motel room in the hope of having sex.
Feel Good Inc
1:02 Jonah and Stevie start having sex all the time as Gus starts to get suspicious.
1:10 After Jonah and Stevie fight, Jonah goes home and helps set up the party.
1:13 First song as the party starts. Ava arrives and apologises, they start having sex.
Can You Get to That
1:20 Stevie leaves Jonah at the party. Cuts to the following day as Jonah is taken to the hospital for his operation.
Girl Is On My Mind
1:27 Jonah is wheeled off to his operation after Stevie kisses him. First song during end credits.
1:29 Second song during end credits.

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