Argo (2012) Soundtrack 

Original Music Alexandre Desplat
Official Soundtrack 17 Songs
Credited Songs 8 Songs
Contributor s_hannon434 level 3
Views 986 (Oct), 30386 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

Upside Down Mark Isham
March to the Dead City Leonard Rosenman
Tony has a conversation with his son on the phone while they both watch \\\"Battle for the Planet of the Apes\\\".
Hip Hug-Her Booker T. & The M.G.'s
John Chambers walks into a movie set.
Little T and A The Rolling Stones
Tony flies to Los Angeles to meet with John.
Sultans of Swing Song Available on Rdio Dire Straits
Plays briefly when Tony and Lester are leaving the movie studio.
Dance the Night Away Song Available on Rdio Van Halen
Everybody arrives in costume at a party to go over the planned fake movie.
When the Levee Breaks Led Zeppelin
The song is played on the record player.
Hace Tuto Guagua Song Available on Rdio Familion
Plays at the end of the film and continues towards the end credits.


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