Looper (2012) Soundtrack 

Original Music Nathan Johnson
Official Soundtrack 19 Songs
Credited Songs 12 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Powerful Love    Chuck & Mac
0:04 First song as Joe takes his car out to meet Seth.   
Slinky    Kid Koala
0:06 Joe and Seth arrive at the club.   
Weapons    Son Lux
0:08 They celebrate at the club after Zach closes his loop.   
I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight    Richard & Linda Thompson
0:24 Playing in Suzie\'s room as she lies with Joe.   
Carmelita    Warren Zevon
0:41 Song in the diner when the future Joe meets up with the present Joe.   
Someday He'll Break Your Heart (the Way He Broke Mine)    Rebecca Kilgore
0:45 Second song at the diner.   
Powerful Love    Chuck & Mac
1:51 First song during end credits.   
Fear Makes a Man do Funny Things    The Mashnotes
Mambo Cafe    Franck Sarkissian & Inor Esteban Sotolongo
Street Legal (The Face of the Crowd)    Nathan Johnson & The Cinematic Underground
Tender is the Night    Burt Weedon
Help Me Pick Up the Pieces    Buddy Stewart


1 A Body That Technically Does Not Exist Nathan Johnson
2 A Day in the Life Nathan Johnson
3 Closing Your Loop Nathan Johnson
4 Seth's Tale Nathan Johnson
5 Run Nathan Johnson
6 A Life in a Day Nathan Johnson
7 Time Machine Nathan Johnson
8 Hunting the Past Nathan Johnson
9 Following the Loop Nathan Johnson
10 Mining for Memories Nathan Johnson
11 A New Scar Nathan Johnson
12 Her Face Nathan Johnson
13 City Sweep Nathan Johnson
14 Revelations Nathan Johnson
15 The Rainmaker Nathan Johnson
16 La Belle Aurore Nathan Johnson
17 Showdown Nathan Johnson
18 The Path Was a Circle Nathan Johnson
19 Everything Comes Around Nathan Johnson
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