• The Perks of Being a Wallflower Soundtrack

  • Film Release Sep 21st 2012
  • Composer Michael Brook
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Complete List of Songs

Could It Be Another Change?
First song during opening credits.
0:09 Charlie listens to Derek\'s mix tape. Continues as he continues to struggle at school.
Odessa Hip-Hop
0:10 Song you hear briefly playing at the football game.
Teenage Riot
0:14 Song in the car as they drop Charlie home after the football game.
0:17 Second song at the school dance. Sam (Emma Watson) says they\'re playing good music.
Love Him
0:17 First song at the school dance.
0:20 First song at the house party after the dance.
Falling Elevators
0:22 Background music at the party as Charlie talks stoned.
0:22 Charlie tells Sam she has pretty eyes at the party as she makes him a milkshake. He tell her his best friend shot himself.
No New Tale to Tell
0:24 Charlie walks in on Patrick and Brad kissing in the bedroom.
0:25 Patrick gives a toast to Charlie at the party.
0:26 They drive through the tunnel after the \'perfect song\' comes on in the car.
All Out of Love
0:28 Charlie writes a letter to his best friend about how school is going.
Dear God
0:30 Charlie writes about the story of Patrick and Brad, and how they love each other.
Don't Dream It
0:32 Charlie watches Patrick and Sam in the Rocky Horror Picture Show play.
0:33 Song after the show, Charlie talks to Sam about her SAT results and says he will tutor her.
Seasick, Yet Still Docked
0:35 They all watch on as Sam leaves dances with some guy. He changes Charlie\'s music.
Bust a Move
0:36 Charlies song gets turned off for this song at the party.
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
0:38 Charlie starts tutoring Sam. Christmas arrives.
Ye Olde Backlash
0:50 Charlie takes a tab of acid at the party.
Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me
0:56 Charlie has to fill in for Craig for the show.
Don't Dream It's Over
0:58 Charlie goes to the dance with Mary Elizabeth. First song.
0:59 Second song at the dance.
Eternity With You
1:00 Mary Elizabeth plays this song by the fire to seduce Charlie.
Pretend We're Dead
1:03 Charlie writes to his best friend again about Mary Elizabeth. He admits he doesn\'t like her.
Counting Backwards
1:14 Charlie is friends with them again after he saves Patrick. Mary Elizabeth tells him she\'s dating Peter now.
1:15 Patrick takes Charlie for a drive.
Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops
1:21 Song after the last day of school. They get ready for prom.
1:39 Song during end credits.

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